Balto uses best-in-class generative AI models to automatically summarize 100% of agent calls

St. Louis – Balto, the first company to provide real-time guidance for contact centers, has announced that it has reached the milestone of 1 million conversations summarized with its Real-Time Notetaker product.

“This is a huge achievement,” says Balto’s Vice President of Product Kyle Jones. “It’s a testament to our research and development team that we’re seeing such high utilization. One million calls is just the start, and it’s a goldmine of data that we can continue to iterate and build new products off of.” 

This milestone achievement comes after launching Real-Time Notetaker to the general public in February 2023. With Real-Time Notetaker, contact centers can automate time-consuming after-call work and agents can generate notes instantaneously when a call has ended, all seamlessly integrated into Balto’s flagship Real-Time platform. 

“Real-Time Notetaker lets agents focus on what they’re best at — having excellent conversations — not filling out notes. If an agent takes a minute to write out their after-call notes, and makes forty calls a day, you’re looking at forty minutes per agent per day saved with a product like Notetaker. And those savings add up fast,” says Maria Citrowske, Vice President of Marketing at Balto. “One million calls summarized is one million minutes saved. That’s over sixteen thousand agent hours, or eight years of work won back. When you talk about efficiency gains, it doesn’t get much better than that.” 

Real-Time Notetaker uses top-tier AI to generate accurate, robust call summaries at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions, baking in increasing compliance and standardization into its solution’s value. Real-Time Notetaker rides along with agents in their conversations, analyzes calls in real-time, and produces accurate and comprehensive call notes for every call. 

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About Balto

Balto unites agents with AI to enable better conversations that deliver results. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance enterprise solution to prevent missed sales opportunities, costly compliance mistakes, and negative customer experiences. Today, Balto has guided over 200 million calls, provided over 500 million real-time recommendations, and driven millions in increased revenue.