New integrations rapidly deploy Balto’s AI-powered conversation excellence and agent enablement technology to Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center.

St. Louis, MO — Balto, a leader in uniting contact center agents with AI for better conversations, today announced it has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to bring forth transformative growth opportunities for omnichannel contact centers. Recent integrations allow customers to effortlessly embed Balto within Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center to empower their workforce with conversation excellence, dramatically improving sales and service call outcomes and driving better CX in multiple languages and geographies.

“Providing agents and managers the tools they need to perform their jobs easily is essential. That’s why Balto is such a good fit with Zoom,” said Kentis Gopalla, Head of Ecosystem for Zoom Phone and Contact Center. “We are excited to offer our customers Balto’s real-time and post-call solutions that give agents and managers the confidence to navigate and drive bottom-line impact with each customer interaction.”

The integration, currently available for Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center via the Zoom App Marketplace, allows users to benefit from Balto’s end-to-end solutions designed to empower the contact center workforce both during and after calls for outstanding customer satisfaction:

  • Real-Time Guidance understands conversations and tells reps what to say live in their calls.
  • Real-Time Coaching helps supervisors support their agents in make-or-break moments with live call coaching alerts, live listen, live transcription, and agent chat.
  • Real-Time QA scores 100% of calls so that supervisors can prevent mistakes before they become habits, identify the root cause of low scores, and scale best practices to the whole team.
  • Real-Time Notetaker automatically summarizes calls for agents, reducing and eliminating after-call work.
  • Balto Beacon uses machine learning and generative AI to produce and A/B test new content across agent populations, automatically improving content over time without increasing supervisor workload.

Hundreds of customers are already unlocking the power of Balto’s platform to convert 26% more calls, slash agent ramp time by 65%, boost CSAT by 25%, and increase compliance scores by 115%.

“Zoom has an ambitious vision for the future of contact center communications backed by industry-redefining solutions and artificial intelligence,” said Marc Bernstein, Balto CEO, and Co-Founder. “Balto shares that vision. As the first real-time guidance solution available for both phone and contact center, Balto is excited to propel our mutual customers into the modern contact center era with conversation excellence at scale, unleashing agent performance.”

To learn more about how Balto works with Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center to improve call outcomes, visit the listing on the Zoom App Marketplace.

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Balto unites agents with AI to enable better conversations that deliver results. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance enterprise solution to prevent missed sales opportunities, costly compliance mistakes, and improve customer experience. Balto guides hundreds of thousands of conversations in real-time every day. Balto is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Get more information at