Balto leads the industry for artificial intelligence call center software. Balto offers specialized call software that assists sales agents during live calls. Employees who deviate from the best practices can now be corrected in real time.

With the assistance of call software, companies can monitor 100 percent of these calls and correct errors, omissions, and mistakes. This contact center software is designed for live call sessions.

Guidance on live calls can improve the performance of sales and service representatives. This serves as an ideal supplement for other training methods. It is a great choice for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits of Balto.

Leveraging Call Center Software

Real-time live support can make all the difference in a sales or service call. While it is useful to have a post-call analysis, the value of this approach is limited because it happens after the opportunity is completely lost.

  1. Sales: Reduce the amount of training needed to get new sales reps functioning. With Balto’s call center scripting software, this training takes place during live calls. This lowers the amount of time needed to produce results, and it cuts down on time spent away from the phone lines.

Balto’s features enables sales reps to seize every opportunity and close deals fast. Language prompts help them to overcome customer objections, answer questions, and use good sales techniques.

Contact center software prompts help them to become aware of bad conversational habits and make adjustments. It also helps them to avoid interrupting and pace their speech effectively.

  1. Customer service: Customers prefer to experience consistency across all communication channels. Customers respond when the company produces a consistent message, which has already been approved.
  2. Debt collections/accounts-receivable: Get new accounts receivable agents and collection representatives up to speed on their first day.

Balto’s call software provides instant access to the best practices including compliance checklists. Ensure that new collectors are using the best strategies during on-call negotiations. Never allow another point of compliance to be missed.

  1. Compliance: Any deviation from the pre-approved script can be detected and corrected. Sales reps who use language that is non-compliant can be re-trained quickly. Compliance processes can be crafted to ensure consistent application.
  2. Quality assurance: Reduce the amount of time it takes to assure quality during every call. Reps will be prompted with high-quality language as well as instant feedback. This reduces problems associated with informal speaking habits, weak phrasing and even fatigue.

Key Features of Balto’s Call Software

Balto improves the customer service experience on many levels. It reduces the amount of waiting by providing answers to critical questions. Customer service agents can access the most appropriate language instantly.

Reduced handle times affect sales closure rates, and accuracy is critical when answering questions. Take advantage of the one-call resolution feature. Get accurate information, and enjoy a significant improvement in NPS scores.

Gamification, Live Checklists

Games help representatives to stay fully alert by allowing them to compete against other team members. An example is a game that rewards the rep who overcomes the most customer objections in real time.

Balto’s call software can also keep score to identify the sales rep who answered the most questions within a specified time limit. Other skills can be developed by using the gaming features included in the call software.

The live checklist feature enables reps to keep track of critical items. When they are involved in a call, it can be easy to lose track of an important point. Common omission errors include forgetting to read disclaimers or failing to remember to confirm installation times.

These are all great features when they are accessible in real time, but Balto also has a manager’s dashboard as well. This allows a manager to review the material while it’s being generated. This is supplementary to the live support feature.

Benefits of Balto’s call center software

Sales representatives receive guidance during live calls with Balto. The contact center software will intervene if there is an identified problem taking place. If everything is going smoothly, the software will simply allow each member of the sales team to continue doing work according to their individual capabilities.

This helps the sales team to become comfortable with Balto. Trust is developed when the sales team receives timely and useful suggestions that get them out of a tight spot with a difficult customer.

Suggestions will be displayed according to the software’s capacity to respond to the situation in real time. This instant prompting can make a huge difference in the revenues generated by phone call activities.

As managers and users become more comfortable with the software, it can be adapted and customized to meet the actual needs of the team. Ensure compliance across all channels of communication. Keep track of deviations from the pre-approved call center script, and improve the performance of the entire sales team.

The post-call analysis dashboard is a helpful supplementary tool. It helps to ensure the highest level of quality during each call. It also provides useful information for leadership teams, groups and meetings.

Improve customer service by using Balto’s call software. It ensures that every member of the sales team is saying the right thing during live conversations with customers. Training happens during the live conversations when sales reps are prompted with proven language and conversational tactics that lead to closures.

Balto’s call center software helps the collection team pulling in new revenues and reducing accounts receivables. Dramatically improve the sales representative’s ability to hit client-specific requirements, and avoid the most common human errors. Compliance checklists can be observed one point at a time, and this ensures that all critical items are observed.

Product Tour and Additional Features

A product tour is the most effective way to get familiar with the key features and benefits of Balto. Artificial intelligence software allows companies to enjoy these hard-won benefits. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; Balto’s software keeps the sales team on top of the major issues when engaging customers.

Balto’s product tours allow managers and executives to observe this call center software in action. Witness the real-time support that allows sales agents and collection representatives to get access to critical information that is accurate and timely.

Avoid wait times and delays while getting answers to common questions. Improve customer support by delivering consistent messages across all communication channels. Create high-quality conversations by providing your sales team with language proven to work in dynamic situations.

The product tour is ideal for any division manager, executive, team leader or corporate officer. It is the fastest way to see how Balto can improve compliance, ensure top performance, increase revenues and reduce errors. Managers can take quickly adjust the behaviors and terminology used by the sales team.

Balto’s call center software can be customized, which allows managers to adjust these items quickly and easily. The review dashboard provides managers access to instant feedback about each conversation to ensure compliance and consistency during every call. Enjoy watching your sales team upgrade their skills instantly.

Ensure the highest level of quality during interactions with customers by allowing Balto to correct common mistakes in real time. This means that even new sales reps can correct errors or omissions before the conclusion of the phone conversation.

There is no need to wait for an analysis that takes place after the fact. Balto provides instant access to the best practices for sales representatives. The sales team will be able to quickly overcome common objections, resolve complaints or accurately answer difficult questions about complex products.

Even though your organization is unique, Balto’s call software can customize the language prompts to fit the terminology that is most relevant to your industry. Create unique phrases or terms that you want Balto to use, and this will instantly upgrade the language used by your sales team in real time.

During every engagement with a customer, the language used by the sales representative can influence the outcome. The best way to ensure that the conversation favors your company is to use Balto. Take a product tour today, and see what Balto’s call software can do for your company.

Who Should Use Balto’s call software?

Balto assists large-volume enterprises, call centers, collectors and other businesses that handle a lot of phone calls. The call software is designed to provide additional value for senior corporate executives, directors and managers. Anyone who is in charge of leading a sales team or collections department can benefit from the features included in this premium call software.

There are built-in security features that protect sensitive customer information like credit card numbers and HIPAA data. Each call is affected, so customers can remain confident that their personal information is being protected at all times.

Balto’s call software is ideal for any organization that handles many phone calls. Enterprises that maintain a large sales force can benefit the most because of the features that enable message consistency. Any business that requires support for a large number of phone calls can benefit from using Balto. Get started with Balto by requesting a demo today!