Modern enterprise contact center solutions utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify customer pain points, the causes of low scores, and why your customers aren’t satisfied with their experience with your company. They also provide you with actionable insights that drive your decision-making and help you build a customer-first culture in your contact center.

Providing a seamless customer experience is a pressing challenge that many contact centers are still struggling with. 

Changing customer expectations and changing market dynamics have made it difficult for contact centers to meet customer needs. A bi-annual report of your contact center’s performance and CSAT scores is no longer enough — you need a solution that tells you what’s happening right now, why it’s happening, and how you can make it better.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the value of modern contact center solutions for enterprises, how they seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem, and why you can’t afford to ignore them. 

Evolution of Contact Centers in Enterprises

Contact centers have been there since the 60s, but what started as a simple office model for handling inbound and outbound customer calls has evolved drastically over the years to include omnichannel support that covers email, social media, live chat, and more recently, AI chatbots.  According to Gartner, utilizing AI chatbots could save contact centers up to a total of $80 billion in labor costs by 2026. 

Further, technology advancements have provided enterprises with more opportunities to improve customer experience by collecting and analyzing relevant customer and conversation data from various sources. 

The most recent game-changer that has taken the tech industry by storm is the advancement of AI and ML-driven insights that allow enterprises to create more personalized experiences for their customers, as well as maximize efficiency and make the most out of their agents’ skills.

Why Modern Enterprises Can’t Ignore Advanced Solutions

Technological advancements have introduced new solutions that help enterprises boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. These solutions aren’t meant to replace your agents but rather empower them to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a modern enterprise, combining AI with that irreplaceable human touch in your contact center can help you grow your business, while also making your customers and agents happier.  

The DNA of a Successful Contact Center

What defines a successful contact center today is very different from what defined it years ago. 

A contact center is considered successful if it’s customer-centric. In other words, every action and decision should directly contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels. Another factor is process efficiency. Efficient processes and workflows contribute to reduced hold times, high first-contact resolution rates, and motivated agents. 

Great contact centers also make use of every single piece of relevant data and care for the well-being and development of their agents. Technology plays a key role here – by integrating different solutions, contact centers can seamlessly handle multichannel interactions, as well as collect and analyze data efficiently, all while ensuring that their agents’ efforts are directed efficiently while technology automates redundant tasks for them. 

Technology can also help contact centers guide and coach agents by easily identifying their strengths and weaknesses. 

Merging Technology with Human Touch

Advancements in the fields of AI have led many contact centers to implement new customer experience solutions that utilize AI and machine learning algorithms. 

According to a recent Forrester paper, 69% of contact center managers who have implemented AI solutions with a human touch say that the approach has been very effective in boosting customer experiences and tackling inefficiencies.

While these tools have definitely contributed to better customer experiences, fully relying on them can backfire. Customers still want to be able to talk to a human when they need to. Even if their interaction doesn’t lead to a conversation with a live agent, enhancing chatbot conversations and automated email messaging to include a more natural conversational flow with a human feel can make all the difference.

A good practice is to use AI to handle simple queries related to billing, setup, and other common issues customers face. Complex queries, on the other hand, should be handled by real customer reps. Reps can even utilize AI to pull relevant insights and customer insights before the interaction to offer a more personalized support or sales experience.

Revolutionizing Contact Center Operations

Our Vision and Mission for Enterprise Solutions

At Balto, we seek to drive tangible results for your enterprise contact center by empowering your team with real-time guidance. We unite agents with AI to boost your contact center’s efficiency, guide agents with on-the-job training, proactively identify and solve customer needs, and automate the QA process with 100% call scoring.

Our mission is to power a new era of knowledge work in the contact center with enterprise solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

Real-time Intelligence with Balto AI

Balto enables real-time Conversation Intelligence (CI) capabilities that extract and analyze huge amounts of data and turn them into actionable insights that decision-makers can use to improve customer experience and agent performance. 

CI solutions collect data by automatically recording and transcribing customer interactions and then analyzing these interactions to search for trends, patterns, and customer sentiment.

Challenges Faced by Modern Contact Centers

Handling Vast Customer Data

Contact centers work with data round the clock. For contact centers that receive a huge influx of customer calls on a daily basis, handling these large amounts of data and putting them into meaningful use can be very challenging. 

AI-powered QA and conversation analytics solutions have made it possible for contact centers to automate data collection and analysis with real-time insightful reports and forecasts. 

Ensuring Seamless Customer Experiences

Customer expectations are rising rapidly, and contact centers have a hard time catching up.

Today, customers expect fast, accurate, and seamless 24/7 support, and they heavily base their company choice on the quality of the support they receive when they reach out to them. 

Focusing on increasing customer satisfaction by investing in employee training and well-being, as well as AI-powered agent guidance and QA solutions, can help you provide seamless customer experiences. 

Tackling Operational Inefficiencies

Operational inefficiencies can negatively impact your call center’s performance and customer satisfaction levels. These inefficiencies can be a result of low agent morale, high turnover rates, agent burnout, and a lack of self-service channels.

Leveraging modern technological solutions can help you address many of these inefficiencies. For example, using AI to automate mundane tasks can significantly free up your agents’ time, which can help your agents stay motivated and reduce agent burnout. 

How Balto AI Addresses These Challenges

AI-Powered Assistance for Agents

Balto empowers agents and managers with AI-enabled, real-time guidance to prevent compliance mistakes, ensure script adherence, prevent missed sales opportunities, and improve the overall customer experience. This results in happier, more loyal customers. 

Our enterprise solution can process and analyze large amounts of data from multiple channels, which translates to productivity gains, as well as more focus on the tasks that matter the most. 

Predictive Insights for Smarter Decision-Making

With Balto, you’ll be able to turn raw data into predictive insights and reports that influence your decision-making. 

By analyzing the customer’s sentiment and historical interactions with your company, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and improve the customer experience. 

Importance of Real-time Feedback in Contact Centers

The Gap in Traditional Feedback Mechanisms

Traditional feedback mechanisms can be holding back your contact center. Delayed data collection, in particular, can make it harder for your agents to comprehend what they need to do to improve their performance. 

Not to mention, without real-time feedback, agents will continue making the same mistakes that result in missed opportunities, and over time, these mistakes will develop into bad habits.

Balto’s Instant Feedback Advantage

Balto provides your agents with real-time feedback and helps them prevent mistakes from becoming habits. It reinforces positive behaviors for your reps with instant feedback prompts based on advanced conversational analytics and customer sentiment, which in turn makes customers more willing to continue buying your products or services.

Enterprise Integration and Scalability

Why Seamless Integration Matters

Conversation intelligence solutions transcribe your customer service interactions to analyze conversations and capture customer sentiment. 

Without seamless integration between your contact center solution and phone system, you won’t be able to make the most out of your AI-powered solution and extract those much-needed insights that will transform your contact center. 

Not to mention, cumbersome integrations can make it harder for you to scale your contact center data analysis and forecasting needs, which can disrupt your operations and even your entire ecosystem.

Effortless Integration with Your CCaaS

Balto seamlessly integrates with over 60 major softphones and CCaaS and UCaaS systems. In just one day, you can get up and running with Balto without disrupting your ecosystem.

If your system doesn’t have an existing integration, a new integration will take roughly 30-60 days. It starts with a simple server API server request, and since most softphone systems offer native APIs or features, we’re able to customize the integrations for your enterprise.

Security and Compliance in the AI Age

Rising Security Concerns for Contact Centers

There are two primary security concerns for contact centers: data privacy and data security.

With the enormous data collection and analysis capabilities that AI solutions have introduced, concerns about customer data privacy have become a major challenge. 

Companies must ask for consent when collecting customer data and display a commitment to protecting the privacy of their sensitive data by adhering to relevant compliance standards and enforcing these standards with strict QA monitoring. Data security, on the other hand, involves proper handling and storage of data by the enterprise. 

It’s also vital to implement strict measures to protect customers’ sensitive data. For instance, with AI solutions, you can detect when sensitive information is mentioned in conversations, so proper actions can be taken to protect it.

Enhancing Agent Productivity with Balto

Real-time Script Adherence

Balto’s enterprise call center solution automatically monitors customer conversations and checks if your agents are adhering to the scripts, helping you prevent expensive compliance mistakes and other issues that could result in dissatisfied customers.

What’s more, Balto assists your agents during calls and alerts them when they deviate from the script.

AI-Powered Training and Onboarding

Balto facilitates the onboarding process with on-the-job training and assistance for new hires. 

Instead of making your new agents attend countless training sessions and memorize tons of information, you can familiarize them with the basics, and help them practice with mock calls first, then real customer calls.

Balto also helps you address the challenges newcomers face when doing their jobs with AI-powered alerts and coaching. 

Transforming Customer Experiences With Enterprise Contact Center Software

Personalized Customer Interactions With Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics solutions allow you to collect large amounts of data from various customer touchpoints and communication channels. This data encompasses crucial metrics like response time, agent conduct, queue lengths, and essential call center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In addition to operational data, predictive analytics also acquire valuable customer information such as demographics, lifestyle, and interests. Subsequently, this data is analyzed and delivered to you in the form of insightful reports about how your customers interact with your business. 

These reports also shed light on your team’s performance, as well as customer interests, pain points, desires, and service satisfaction levels. All of these insights help you earn your customers’ trust and bolster customer retention rates. 

Proactive Problem Solving for Enhanced Satisfaction

Proactive problem-solving in contact centers involves identifying and addressing customer issues before they result in lost customers. 

By anticipating customer needs with predictive analytics, you can boost customer satisfaction and demonstrate your commitment to delivering frictionless experiences.

Analytics and Reporting for the Future: Moving Beyond Traditional Call Center Metrics

Ever since call centers became a thing, managers and supervisors have always had access to insights, but no actionable way to actually turn these insights into performance and customer satisfaction improvements. This has resulted in a persistent gap between knowing what’s wrong and actually fixing it.

Beyond traditional metrics, the focus has shifted to capturing real-time KPIs, customer sentiment, and accurate and timely forecasts that tell you exactly what needs to be done. This provides you with a holistic view of your customer interactions, enabling you to improve operational efficiency and service quality.

Actionable Insights with Balto Real-Time Agent Guidance Dashboard

Balto’s real-time guidance dashboard provides your agents with personalized insights that help them enhance customer satisfaction and improve their performance. For instance, if an agent is using too many filler words like “umm, uhm”, the tool automatically captures this and informs the agent to help them address these shortcomings.

The ROI of Implementing Balto AI

Quantifiable Benefits for Enterprises

Implementing Balto AI provides quantifiable benefits for enterprises, with real-time behavior change capabilities and enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. 

With the ability to save calls before completion and easily scale excellence across the contact center, you can expect a remarkable 26% increase in sales, a 25% boost in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), a 65% reduction in ramp time, and a 90-second decrease in handle time.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Balto’s Enterprise Contact Center Solution

Integrating Balto into your contact center can have tangible benefits that are noticed both in the short and long term. Let’s take a look at two case studies of enterprises that witnessed great success with Balto:

Emergicon Managers Saw Fast Improvements in Call Handling and Hold Times

Emergicon, an ambulance billing services company based in Texas, managed to reduce the average call handling time to just 2.5 minutes, thanks to Balto’s AI-powered, real-time guidance for agents. The organization also witnessed a significant decrease in waiting times for customers by automating redundant tasks, freeing up agents’ resources, and handling common queries on their behalf. 

Other benefits include an increase in call volume per agent, better call response consistency, and seamless scalability and integration.

You can check out the full Emergicon success story here

Florida Window & Door Saw a 30% Increase in Conversions

Florida Window & Door agents were able to score 30% more appointments just a few months after harnessing the power of Balto’s real-time guidance capabilities. 

With fast and accurate insights that agents can access in real time, agents managed to fill the gaps in their customer interactions. 

Moreover, managers utilized Balto’s real-time coaching to create personalized training and development programs for their agents, as well as assist them with on-the-job training and gamification.

Preparing Your Contact Center for Tomorrow

Embracing AI is your gateway to preparing your contact center for the future. 

With AI, you’ll be able to reduce response times and streamline your workflows. It helps you understand what your customers need in real-time, ensuring that you deliver proactive and personalized experiences that meet their changing preferences. 

Further, AI lets you manage your workforce more efficiently, ensuring that your agents only focus on tasks that require their attention. 

Steps to Integrate Balto AI Real-Time Guidance Solution in Your Workflow

The steps to integrate Balto into your workflow involve these steps:

  1. We analyze your use case and identify how Balto can add value to your contact center. 
  2. If your phone system is included in our supported list, we’ll set it up right away. Otherwise, our development team will build it for you.
  3. Then we proceed with the testing process, which involves one of your agents testing the system in practice
  4. Finally, we start training your contact center team on how to make the most out of Balto. 
  5. We run a test with an actual agent to verify that Balto and all its features work. Finally, we train your agents and you’re ready to go.

The Future of Enterprise Contact Centers with Balto AI

Balto transforms your enterprise contact center’s customer experience with real-time guidance and actionable insights.

Give your contact center agents the information and support they need in real time to deliver superior customer experiences. Identify and fill skill gaps with on-the-job training and personalized coaching sessions based on real-time performance insights. 

Prevent mistakes from becoming habits and develop a culture of continuous improvement with real-time agent assistance and alerts. 

Learn how Balto can revolutionize the customer experience for your enterprise with this free demo