See how a home improvement team boosted appointment-setting in four months with AI-driven real-time solutions from Balto

The Challenge

Inconsistency in appointment-setting calls lowers the quality of meetings and costs revenue

Making sales in the home improvement industry is a rewarding but tough job. For a company like Florida Window & Door, helping agents keep a consistent message means better appointments and better sales. 

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Florida Window & Door had a proactive coaching program for all agents, especially for onboarding. When new agents got on the phones after training, they stayed on message, but over time would start to deviate. Home improvement sales are a competitive environment, and each agent has their own approach to setting goals: Some would set as many appointments as possible, while others would only set high-quality appointments at the cost of time. 

“If we have less quality conversations, customers aren’t going to remember the dialogue, and the likelihood of them showing up to appointments is low. We had too many variations in styles so as much as we want to coach to it, without a guide it eventually falls apart.” 

– Call Center Manager

Knowing they needed a guide, Florida Window & Door was open to new ideas on how to help their agents. 

The Solution

Leveraging Real-Time Guidance’s gamification and real-time AI motivates agents to stay on message

In March 2023, Florida Window & Door’s president met Balto at a trade show. He saw firsthand how real-time AI can give agents the tools they need to stay on message while empowering them to have great conversations. He wanted a tool to reinforce their training with behavior-based coaching, and Balto felt like a great fit.

Like any major change in an organization, bringing Balto into the mix appeared daunting. Thanks to Balto’s integrations team, the Florida Window & Door management team was able to get their hands on Real-Time Guidance’s smart checklists and reporting capabilities in just 29 days. 

Convincing the agents would take more work. Luckily, Florida Window & Door agents liked the competition and quickly took to bragging about their Balto scores with Real-Time Guidance’s gamification features. 

“With gamification, we can have agents show off their script adherence. Every time someone gets an appointment, they’ll say they got one, but right after that, you’ll see their call score. It makes the adherence part of a call so much more fun.”

– Call Center Manager

All of the changes and excitement over using Balto have built a culture of transparency between agents and managers. Coaching is easier and quicker. Agents have clarity and guidance on every call, while managers can check performance at the click of a button. 

“This thing is super easy. You pull up a chart on what an agent’s performance looks like for the month and match it to the behavior that’s driving that metric. It’s easy.”

– Contact Center Manager

The Results

Real-Time AI tools help agents set 30% more appointments with transparent results for managers

After just a few months of using Real-Time Guidance, Florida Window & Door filled the gaps in their agents’ conversations, helping increase their conversion rates and appointments by roughly 30%. In one example, an agent increased their performance so much, they were promoted to a team captain role: 

“Balto has been a game changer for me. It has increased my conversion rates and helps me collect more information with just a few words, and my demo to opp rate has increased dramatically.”

– Florida Window & Door Agent

With help from Real-Time Guidance, Florida Window & Door has accomplished:

  • Increased conversion rates month-over-month
  • More consistent appointment setting
  • A healthy, competitive culture with gamification
  • Better transparency into calls