A Direct-to-Consumer team increases conversions and cuts call time with Real-Time Guidance

The Challenge

Without consistent messaging and relying on reactive QA, key differentiators are lost on calls

The Junkluggers is an eco-friendly junk removal company that prides itself on friendly service and sustainable disposal practices. It’s a pivotal selling point for their brand; they expect it to be translated to potential customers on calls. 

But that wasn’t happening. Agents were trained and retrained on how to communicate their pricing and differentiators from competitors, but it just wasn’t sticking. Some agents got the script right but would speak too quickly or leave dead air. Managers could only QA handfuls of calls at a time.

“Our process was reactive and hard to quantify. We couldn’t just sit by someone all day.”

– Director of Call Center Operations

Once conversions from leads started to drop after poor calls, The Junkluggers’ managers knew they needed to find a solution. 

The Solution

AI-guided checklists and dynamic prompts from Balto help agents hit key points

The Junkluggers’ Director of Call Center Operations knew Balto could help their teams, but wanted to first explore other options. Where other tools couldn’t reflect the normal cadence of a conversation, Balto was more straightforward.

“I was impressed with the simplicity of the product. The demos I was a part of were live and I was able to watch the smart checklist pop on the screen. We saw dynamic prompts opening up and it was like, ‘Wow this is easy.’ It was picking up on normal conversation.”

– Director of Call Center Operations

The Junkluggers team saw a clear solution to their struggles. With Real-Time Guidance, agents could have clear markers on every call for the right thing to say, while managers had a clear insight into every call score.

They started a pilot phase in March 2023 by giving Real-Time Guidance to agents with an early-adopter mindset. The value was quickly proven when Junkluggers was able to solve one of their biggest sticking points — effectively communicating single-item pricing:

“We asked, ‘Can Balto help us with this problem we’ve been struggling with forever?’ And by the next week, I had something built and tested for single-item pricing. It was fantastic. We could make changes behind the scenes at any point we needed to. Reps would have the updated information as long as they said ‘single item’ or something close.”

– Director of Call Center Operations

Soon, any concerns agents had about Balto had dissolved. 

“As we started rolling it out to the booking team, there was a little bit of concern that Balto would be listening to everything. I don’t hear that anymore. Once the whole booking team was on it, then the customer care team wanted it. They said, ‘We need Balto, we want it to help us.’”

– Director of Call Center Operations

The Results

More conversions and less time on calls push revenue to new heights

“In the pilot alone, we had an increase in conversions that was a big number for revenue. Call durations became 6% shorter, which adds up to real minutes per day. That reduces our need to hire exponentially.”

– Director of Call Center Operations

With Balto, the Junkluggers have accomplished:

  • A marked increase in lead conversions
  • Decreased call time
  • Reduced staffing needs
  • Better transparency into calls