A simple goal — fixing scripting issues — transforms a home improvement team’s appointments, onboarding, and quality assurance

The Challenge

Keeping agents confident and on-track with script changes and call summaries in a competitive industry

Bordner Home Solutions holds a reputation as the top remodeler of choice in their area. That means potential customers exploring projects have high expectations, and Bordner needs consistent script updates to stay on top. They have fantastic agents with years of experience, but managers were having trouble keeping agents on the same scripts: the entire process was manual, and managers had no idea if agents were using the right versions without asking directly.

Additionally, in the past year, Bordner had trouble seeing consistent results from agents’ notes after a call. Some agents had no problem completing a quick summary, while others struggled without a starting point. 

Bordner needed a solution to roll out script updates without gaps and evaluate what was working on calls and what wasn’t. Call summaries needed to wait, with an answer for everything right around the corner. 

The Solution

Real-Time Guidance ensures all agents have access to the same information and can confidently answer questions, while Real-Time Notetaker gives a starting point for call summaries

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform contains a suite of AI-driven tools to support contact centers, especially for teams focused on sales and setting appointments. For Bordner, two of Balto’s core tools immediately stood out — smart checklists and customizable playbooks. Checklists remind agents of the most important questions on every call when qualifying customers; dynamic, customizable playbooks give agents immediate access to information on any customers’ questions regarding costs, next steps, you name it. 

Bordner had never used a tool like Balto before but was willing to try it out. Integrating Balto into their tech stack and onboarding their agents was just as easy as they’d hoped.

Some of Bordner’s tenured agents were initially hesitant. But when new agents were being trained with Balto and started exceeding tenured agents’ sales numbers, they were sold. 

The improvements were almost immediate. Managers could make instant changes to checklists and playbooks and with the touch of a button, they were live to every agent — no need to check in with each one directly. 

“Now, honestly, if we pulled that playbook [from the agents], I think it would be crippling. They realized what was at their fingertips, and how helpful it is that information just pops up on a call.”

– Call Center Manager

Confident Call Summaries and QA

After months of success in updating script processes with Real-Time Guidance, Bordner wanted more ways to track call performance. They knew Balto had Real-Time Quality Assurance, but weren’t sure if it was right for them.

Rather than look for a different tool, Bordner worked directly with Balto to implement user experience updates to Real-Time QA in order to make it just right. In a few months, managers were now able to check script usage across all agents at a glance and pull weekly insights without hours of work. 

Meanwhile, Balto launched Real-Time Notetaker in early 2023, a generative AI tool that summarizes call notes in a single click. Bordner was one of the first companies to give it a try and report their success: agents who were struggling to write call summaries, now had complete notes in seconds. They could make any necessary edits, or add them to customer notes and move on to the next call, ensuring call notes are always complete and up-to-date.

“Having Notetaker has been fantastic for them to just copy and paste the summary. The next person to pick up the call knows exactly where that conversation left off.”

– Call Center Manager

The Results

With Balto, Bordner Home Solutions sets more appointments, has faster agent onboarding, and better call summaries

What started with a simple goal — finding a better way to update call scripts — has made fundamental changes to Bordner Home Solutions’  contact center. Real-Time Guidance ensures every agent has the right information at their fingertips, Real-Time QA helps managers check progress and pull immediate insights, and Real-Time Notetaker closes the gap in missing call summaries. 

Since starting with Balto, Bordner has:

  • Increased their set appointments
  • Increased kept appointments
  • Streamlined the ability to update and QA call scripts
  • Decreased agent onboarding time
  • Closed the gap in call summaries

“Everyone we’ve brought in since we started using Balto has been way more confident when they get on the phone. We saw a big increase in our appointments. It’s allowed us to be successful and make changes as needed, on the spot.”

– Contact Center Manager