Uncover how a third party retail account service company overcomes the limitations of manual QA with the help of Balto’s artificial intelligence platform.

The Challenge

Manual processes bring severe limitations and risk when scaled

UGA Finance (UGA), a third-party payment collector, began to see the limitations that manual quality assurance (QA) had on its ability to drive positive call outcomes and better train its agents. Even with dedicated staff on the team focusing solely on QA, the company was only able to assess 1% or less of its regular call volume.

With such a small sample size, the ability to effectively catch compliance mistakes — a major risk in the collections space — was near impossible.

“What was getting pulled was random, and maybe that call was perfectly fine. But maybe on the other 90 calls the agent had that month they were doing something that could put the company in jeopardy of being sued or getting in trouble.”

– Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor at UGA

Even when UGA dedicated more internal resources to help supplement the QA process, the results were minimal with a significant strain on resources. The time it took to monitor calls, make changes, and drive training wasn’t moving the needle in the right direction.

The Solution

Easy-to-implement QA tool offers transparency into 100% of calls

Thankfully for UGA, the company had a solution right under its nose that would transform the way it conducted QA with its call center agents: Balto. The platform was already providing real-time guidance services to UGA, and the Balto team shared the details of its tool created specifically for this use case — Real-Time Quality Assurance (RTQ).

RTQ is an AI-driven tool that automatically listens to 100% of the calls made by agents in real-time. Floor supervisors and key leaders can set up RTQ to listen for specific call elements to see how agents are doing. It listens for triggers like whether or not an agent is providing account balances, if they’re letting the customer know the purpose of the call, how well they’re handling rebuttals, and just about anything else pertinent to the success or failure of calls.

RTQ then aggregates this data and provides a complete report that can be shared with the agent, the floor supervisor, or anyone else that would benefit from the information — all in real-time.

For Sean, RTQ eliminated the “luck factor” of call monitoring. He can now breathe easy knowing that agents are saying the right thing, and he can catch mistakes as they happen. With less time needed to manually monitor calls, Sean and team now have the bandwidth to approach QA proactively instead of reactively.

“RTQ has taken the burden from me of having to sit down and try to map out three to four hours of my day just to pull phone calls. Now all the information I need is there in real-time”

– Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor at UGA

Key Results

Tangible and intangible benefits were apparent immediately after partnering with Balto

For UGA, the solution was an ideal fit. Thanks to the partnership and simple onboarding process, UGA was reeling in the benefits of the new QA process in no time. Some of the results the company saw include:

  • Calls analyzed for QA increased from 1% to 100%
  • Agent performance scores jumped from 40% to 80%+
  • Thousands of dollars saved on dedicated QA staff
  • Decrease in turnover of new agents from more focused training
  • Improved company culture with healthy competition from clear and transparent scoring

Prior to employing Balto’s RTQ solution, it could take months to discover agents who were shining stars or agents who were having issues. If the few calls screened for an agent that month happened to be outliers, there was no way to have an accurate picture of the quality of their calls.

With Balto, UGA now has a clear picture of everything that’s going on in real-time, which provides infinite opportunities to empower agents to produce better results.

“Balto is fantastic. The company does an amazing job and is continually working to update and innovate.”

– Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor at UGA

The Next Step

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can automate your QA processes with the help of AI, we encourage you to reach out today to schedule a demo.