If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the fence about Real-Time Guidance for your contact center. That’s ok!

We wanted to take the time to answer the top 5 concerns we hear in conversations to help you decide whether or not it’s time…well, for Real-Time.

1. “Implementing Balto Sounds Like Too Much Work”

Maybe adding a new tech integration into your schedule (or that of your IT team) is a headache you would rather not deal with right now. Or ever.

Here’s the truth: Getting Balto up and running takes some work, but not as much as you think:

  • Most integrations between your softphone (e.g. NICE, Five9, RingCentral) and Balto take no more than a few days to set up.
  • If you need a new integration for your softphone, we can build a custom solution in roughly 45 days.
  • Our Customer Success team works with you to build your first Playbooks, Dynamic Checklists, and everything else you need to start running Real-Time Guidance.
  • Agents and managers are trained on Balto in just 30 minutes.
  • Once Balto is up and running, managers can start gathering insights right away.

Want to know more? Check out our integrations page.

2. “This Isn’t the Best Time Right Now”

Sometimes the timing just doesn’t line up. Implementing new tech in the middle of the busy season is a tough sell. Sometimes customers are hiring new agents and can’t revise the training process.

We think the right time to get Real-Time Guidance is any time, but here’s a realistic suggestion: Schedule a demo 3 months before your peak season. That’s plenty of time to understand how Balto helps, for getting contracts right and enough time for your team to get comfortable using Balto.

3. “We Already Have a Speech Analytics Tool”

Speech analytics, or post-call tools, help you find what’s going wrong on your calls. But, at large, we believe you already know the big mistakes that are costing you sales and customers: Not asking enough questions, not actively listening, getting confrontational, etc.

How effective is that post-call tool at actually fixing those problems?

Real-Time Guidance is different. It also sources insights from your calls but, more importantly, delivers them as recommendations to agents in real-time. During a demo, you’ll see exactly how this works and the improvements you could be making the minute Balto turns on.

4. “This is Too Expensive For Us”

Balto isn’t the cheapest option compared to other call center platforms. So comparing options is normal, whether you’re buying soap or contact center technology.

For most contact centers, Balto pays for itself. Here’s what we often hear from our customers:

The revenue you could capture with Balto likely offsets the cost. If you’re a sales leader, how many more calls could you close if your team said the right thing on every call? How much more revenue could you save by eliminating simple yet incredibly frequent mistakes on calls?

Take a look at our friends at National General Insurance, who closed 16% more sales after 14 weeks. Or our customer who saw 20% more conversions in just a few months.

5. “I Don’t Know Anyone Else Who Uses Balto”

If you have never heard of Balto before now, you’ll probably recognize Balto customers in your industry:

  • Insurance: National General, eHealth, AmTrust
  • Home Improvement: American Homes 4 Rent, Rent-2-Own, Truhome Pros
  • Direct-to-Consumer: Katapult, Cellular Sales, Source Power Company
  • Collections: ONLINE Information Systems, Midwest Fidelity Services, ARS Collections
  • BPO: Advantage Communications, Proximo CX, Arsenal Business Growth

Balto has over 300 positive reviews on G2 from agents, managers, and executives. We’re happy to provide a reference in your industry who has solved the same problem for why you might be considering Balto.

Hopefully, we were able to answer some of your questions around Balto and Real-Time Guidance. If you’d like to take a closer look, we’d love to show you Balto on a personal demo! If you still have reservations, reach out and tell us what you’re thinking at hello@balto.ai.