One of the largest health insurance companies in the country wanted to see how much Balto could impact their close rate.

In a one-month long A/B study with 90 of their agents, they set out to prove the claim that Balto would improve the agent’s close rate. At the end of the study, they compared the quote rate and the close rate between 45 Non-Balto users and 45 Balto users.


71% Higher Quote Rate

132% Higher Close Rate

47X Higher Close Rate Among New Hires

After just 30 days, leadership at the company was blown away.

The Balto users had a 71% higher quote rate and a 132% higher close rate than Non-Balto users.

Ramp time also significantly decreased; new agents in the Balto group had a 47x higher close rate than new agents in the Non-Balto group.

The company expanded and now has hundreds of agents using Balto to boost conversions on every call, every day.